About Insul-lite


INSUL-LITE Manufacturing is a sealed unit manufacturer, servicing the glass industry in Alberta since 1988, supplying to window manufacturers, glazing contractors and general contractors. 


With the high demand for 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm units in Alberta, Insul-lite has made it possible for it's customers to receive their orders, on average, in two to three days. Since the glass industry experiences emergencies on a regular basis, Insul-lite has also developed a reputation of providing same day and next day service when needed.

Every unit that leaves Insul-lite has been hand assembled and inspected to ensure the highest quality. This includes not only clear and low emissivity (Low E) units, but any tint or pattern glass required.


In keeping with the need to reduce waste and any negative impact on the environment Insul-lite has established a recycling program. Enlisting companies with the ability to recycle unusable glass waste, packaging and other hazardous materials used in the production of sealed units, has drastically reduced the volume sent to city land fills.


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With the success that Insul-lite has had in this industry, the need to give back to the community that has served them so well has become more important. Each year, Insul-lite's staff donates significant time in the service of charitable, non-profit organizations to help those less fortunate.



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