Insul-lite provides some of the best soft coat Low E available to achieve high energy efficient windows in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm thicknesses. Carrying both warm edge technology (super spacer) and hard bar (aluminum) products has allowed for versatility in satisfying customer needs.




Specializing in the residential market, Insul-lite has gained the reputation of having the highest quality workmanship of it's grills (muntin bars).


                Image result for muntin bars                                       Image result for muntin bar colors



Insul-lite has also partnered with a number of stained glass artists in the past, to have their art displayed within a sealed unit. This is a unique service that few others offer.


                                                  Image result for lori's stained glass                         Image result for lori's stained glass

The unique look of pattern and obscure glass has become more and more popular. To satisfy this demand, Insul-lite has sourced several suppliers in an effort to gain access to as many patterns as possible. For the customer, this means that Insul-lite can source any available patterns.



Image result for pattern glass                 Image result for pattern glass          Image result for glue chip pattern glass          Image result for arctic pattern glass          Image result for narrow reed pattern glass